We Need One Billion People in the U.S.

We Need One Billion People in the U.S.

The United States needs one billion people to keep pace with China’s expanding strategic power, according to Glenn Beck, owner of TheBlaze TV network.

“Having ONE BILLION AMERICANS is a goal worth striving for and crucial to keeping China from overtaking us as the top global power,” Beck tweeted after a conversation with progressive author Matt Yglesias, who has recently published a book urging the tripling of the U.S. population from 330 million to 1 billion.

Yglesias’ book,

Yglesias, a top editor at the progressive site Vox.com, told Beck:

We’re sort of the number one power in the world. We have been for a long time, 100 years or more. But that’s slipping, right? We are facing a sort of relative decline vis-à-vis China. Their economy is growing very rapidly. In a lot of ways, that’s a good thing; global poverty has gone down a lot. It’s good to see other people doing well. But when you have a country of 1.2 billion people, it’s four times our population. If they get to half of our per capita wealth, they become a much stronger economy than we are in the aggregate. Right. And so we should do something about that. Cracking down on Chinese video meme apps is not going to get the job done right. What we need to do is something bigger.

The claim prompted much criticism on Twitter:

Beck added:

If you’re coming here to be able to say, “I want to be a part of this” without shedding who you are and what you brought, but melt into this, you’re still holding up the [civic and constitutional] principles, not [just] the flag … not that jingoistic crap; I hate that stuff because it obscures the principles, the principles that made us different. And if you hold up those principles, that’s, I think, what most people are worried about, the deep change.

“What he is proposing is a nation-breaking policy,” said Krikorian. Immigration policy should “serve the interests of individual Americans,” rather than the personal interests of globalist advocates, he said, adding:

For all his flaws, [President Donald] Trump understands that government policy, including the federal immigration program, should be designed to help Americans thrive and live better lives. It is not to play some kind of geopolitical chess game.

What should be more important for the U.S. government? The gas station attendant in Iowa or the state of geopolitics in Burundi? The gas station attendant is the one whom the American government is supposed to serve.

Krikorian added, “It is almost comical to hear from the left-wing editor of Vox that we need to be engaging in a geopolitical population race with China. … It is as if [Sen.] John McCain got reincarnated”:

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