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Iraqi President Barham Salih today stressed the need to license and regulate “uncontrolled” weapons in the country and impose the law on everyone.

This came in a statement on the commemoration of the 1920 Iraqi Revolt against the British occupation.

“We all bear the responsibility of resuming what has been suspended in the process of building a fully sovereign state capable of imposing laws, fighting corruption and protecting the citizens’ right to a free and dignified life,” said Salih.

He further stressed the necessity of “building a constitution-based state that prevents the emergence of tyranny, controls uncontrolled weapons, serves its people in peace and security, deals with the world and the region as friendly, neither enemies nor controlling, countries, and rules under the law.”

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For his part, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi said that “this commemoration also inspires us now to be more determined to launch strategic plans and build our homeland on solid foundations.”

Al-Kadhimi added that his government is determined to “prepare for early and fair elections, and to complete building state institutions on solid ground that meets the Iraqi people’s aspirations.”

On 13 May, four days after the formation of his government, Al-Kadhimi ordered the military forces to control unlicensed weapons in the country.

On Friday, Iraqi counterterrorism forces detained 14 members of the Hezbollah Brigades, during a raid on its headquarters in Baghdad, on charges of preparing for a missile attack on the Green Zone in the centre of the capital, where the headquarters of government institutions and diplomatic missions, including the American embassy, are located.

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