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‘What Also Sucks? Getting the Coronavirus’ – NewsWars

CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta generated a pathetic comeback to Trump rally attendees in Florida who chanted “CNN Sucks!”

Rather than defend his network and disagree with the chants at Monday’s Orlando rally, Acosta instead deflected to the lack of coronavirus precautions among attendees.

“As this crowd is chanting that there are members of the press here who suck, I should also point out, what also sucks? Getting the coronavirus,” Acosta shot back at the crowd.

Earlier in the day, Acosta posted a tweet pointing out “very few supporters wearing masks, including many senior citizens.”

Acosta is no stranger to the “CNN sucks” battle cry, which has been a staple at Trump rallies for several years.

Footage from 2018 shows Acosta being drowned out by a legion of Trump supporters chanting CNN sucks as he attempted to film a live shot.

Monday’s event is President Donald Trump’s first rally since recovering after testing positive for COVID-19.

It’s no surprise to anyone following his campaign, but it came as a shock to reporters on the ground in Arizona, as it is a battleground state, to see such a small turnout for his co-hosted rally event with Kamala since the debates.

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