‘What an Awwdience’: These Three Cats Don’t Mind Pointing Their Heads Wherever the Ball Goes


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It can be a tad bit difficult to earn the attention of kitty cats, who usually keep themselves busy by cleaning themselves up and napping. But when it’s time to play, nothing catches a cat’s attention more than a fun ball game in the backyard.

A video of three cats enjoying what looks like a game of catch between two kids has made its way on social media. 

The snippet shows three magnificent cats gracing a window pane watching the backyard game with utmost interest, as though the catch game being played is of a world cup level. 

With oscillating heads tracing the trajectory of the ball being thrown from one kid to another, the video shows the cute kitty trio indulging in the game quite in sync. 

​With thousands of re-tweets and likes, the video has gone viral on Twitter. 

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