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May 14 marks 2nd anniversary of Israel’s massacre of 60 unarmed civilians

by Robert Inlakesh,  …via PressTV, Tehran

[ Editor’s note: I did not choose the title just to be provocative, but to set the tone for asking a question that should have been asked a long ago, and asked every day since.

Why does Jewish-Zionist Israel get a free pass for inflicting this kind of punishment on the truly Semitic Palestinians? They have the ancient DNA to prove it, and a lot of Israelis have no more than I do, maybe less, as I carry Neolithic markers of a young boy found buried in a cave there.

We all know that if this kind of violence was being dished out to Jewish protesters anywhere, there would be a howl heard round the world, and those doing so would get a howl coming back at them, “Remember Gaza”.

We would have a Hollywood blockbuster movie of the slaughter in all of its goriness and the perpetrators publicly flogged as only whoever is alleged to control Hollywood can do. But we have had no such thing for the Palestinians victims.

Not only have they received no reparations for the sad event, but Netanyahu has doubled down on his bet by taking the West Bank now, with an American president’s support,

With the virus and recession news dominating world coverage now, and for months to come, nasty people know this is the time to do nasty things where they will get no lasting news attention.

I was not familiar with Mr. Inlakesh, but he has done a thorough job below, including raking the BBC over for taking a dive on its horrendous lack of coverage on these Zionist inflicted massacres. Someone has their fingers on the throat of the BBC so they can give in a light squeeze to steer they away from forbidden topics.

If you have a candle laying around the house tonight you might want to light it up in honor of the fallen whose only crime was to protest the horrendous treatment of their people, and by Jews no less, who claim almost exclusive right to all victimhood, past, present and future … Jim W. Dean ]

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– First published … May 14, 2020

Contrary to the claims of the Israeli regime, Israel’s “independence day” has little do with independence and little to do with a simple sense of “national pride”.

Instead, what Israel’s independence day truly signifies, is a day of whitewashing the ethnic cleansing of Palestine and now added to that list is the whitewashing of the massacre of civilians in Gaza perpetrated on that very same date.

On May 14, 2018, Israeli occupation forces stationed on the perimeter of the illegally besieged Gaza Strip massacred at least 61 unarmed Palestinian civilians, also injuring thousands. Not a single Israeli was killed on this day, with only one soldier reportedly enduring a minor scratch.

Nevertheless the mainstream Western press reported the event as “hostile border clashes” and attempted to whitewash the massacre which was later condemned by the UNHRC, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch as well as Doctors Without Borders and many other leading NGO’s and international representative bodies.

The shameful lack of truthful reporting on the massacre, led to further massacres of smaller volume as Israeli snipers continued to engage, largely peaceful, demonstrators with lethal force from across a field of barbed wire and electrified fences.

The protests against Israel originally started on March 30, 2018, and saw the murder of 330+ unarmed Palestinians in Gaza, as well as the injury of at least 40,000. On the Israeli side, not a single death and not a single serious injury, in fact not even an injury worth the Israeli media reporting upon.

The reason why this massacre of civilians, committed two years to-date in Gaza, is so significant is because the narrative Israel uses to justify its 2018 massacre can be paralleled perfectly with the narrative that Israel uses to justify the celebration of its so-called independence.

Between 1947-1949 Zionist militias, namely the Irgun, Haganah and Stern Gang, violated the UN partition plan set out to create a Jewish state inside of 55% of historic Palestine, despite the fact that Jewish settlers were only 33% of the population at the time.

This violation of the UN partition plan parameters that the Zionist leader David Ben-Gurion had in public agreed to entailed the annexation of roughly 78% of historic Palestine as well as the ethnic cleansing of 800,000 native Palestinians from their lands.

This ethnic cleansing is remembered on May 15 as Nakba (Catastrophe) Day, just one day after Israel’s celebration of its original sin. Like with the 2018 Gaza massacre, the Western mainstream press, government officials and Israel itself claim that Israel was the victim in 1948.

This of course is not the line of the entire international community, several UN resolutions, accounts of Palestinians who suffered, Israeli documents pointing to the truth of what went on and essentially every serious scholar and human rights organization.

Despite the truth being well documented, black and white and extremely easy to digest, the mainstream Western press continues to lie to its viewerships. The BBC will not cover the Palestinian Nakba, nor the 2018 massacre they shamefully attempted to lie about and cover up for Israel.

So now it is on the rest of the world to urge people to look at what Israel is doing on the ground right now, as US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has just visited Israel in order to discuss the annexation of even more Palestinian land, and surely in the process of this land grab, the inevitable massacre of even more Palestinian civilians.

It is time we call out our media in Western countries for the racist filth that it generates surrounding the issue of Palestine-Israel, and hold the BBC to account for its blatant double-standards and constant sourcing of Israeli institutions rather than independent human rights groups, the UN and other authoritative bodies when it comes to its facts on the ground.


Robert Inlakesh is a journalist, writer and political analyst, who has lived in and reported from the occupied Palestinian West Bank. He has written for publications such as Mint Press, Mondoweiss, MEMO, and various other outlets. He specializes in analysis of the Middle East, in particular Palestine-Israel. He also works for Press TV as a European correspondent.

(The views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect those of Press TV.)

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