Why Michelle Malkin Is Den Mother of the Alt-Right Dipsh*ts

What do far-right blogger Michelle Malkin, conspiracy nuts, and Trump’s racist fanboys have in common? They’re “like political herpes”—no matter what you do, they’re always going to reappear, somewhere.

In Episode 9 of The New Abnormal, The Daily Beast’s podcast for a world gone off the rails, Rick Wilson explains why he’s avoiding sushi, tea, helicopters, and, perhaps, knives and Molly Jong-Fast mulls over what is going on in Michelle Malkin’s mind, and unexpectedly wins an alt-right prize.

Oh, and, of course, they have to talk about the Trump kids creep-tweeting over the weekend.

“All this signaling from this weekend [made it] very clear to me that they were trying to reestablish some of that [alt-right] relationship and to reboot some of that love of the green frog army.”

Then our dynamic duo talk to Daily Beast reporter Olivia Messer about her new story involving Ashton Kutcher, Joe Exotic, and some rather suspect coronavirus tests. 

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