Will Shapewear Survive in the Sweatpants Era?

Will Shapewear Survive in the Sweatpants Era?

Our wardrobe staples are changing. The continued lockdown has meant that where we used to have work wardrobes, going-out clothes, and casual wear, we’ve now been reduced to that same ratty T-shirt and leggings most days.

Yet shapewear—typically worn at special occasions, formal gatherings, dates, and other things that are non-existent right now—is holding on.

Despite women spending literally dozens of Friday nights on the couch over the past year, Spanx is making it through the pandemic better than many clothing brands. Online searches for shapewear are faltering slightly, but in comparison to the dozens of clothing retailers that have declared bankruptcy since the start of the pandemic—like J. Crew, Neiman Marcus and Century 21—shapewear has adapted to our suddenly home-based working and relaxing lives.

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