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Will Special Interests Allow America’s ‘Longest War’ To Finally End?

Even if “won,” endless wars like our 20 year assault on Afghanistan
would not benefit our actual national interest in the slightest. So why do these
wars continue endlessly? Because they are so profitable to powerful and well-connected
special interests. In fact, the worst news possible for the Beltway military
contractor/think tank complex would be that the United States actually won a
war. That would signal the end of the welfare-for-the-rich gravy train.

In contrast to the end of declared wars, like World War II when the entire
country rejoiced at the return home of soldiers where they belonged, an end
to any of Washington’s global military deployments would result in wailing
and gnashing of the teeth among the military-industrial complex which gets rich
from other people’s misery and sacrifice.

Would a single American feel less safe if we brought home our thousands of
troops currently bombing and shooting at Africans?

As Orwell famously said, “the war is not meant to be won, it is meant
to be continuous.” Nowhere is this more true than among those whose living
depends on the US military machine constantly bombing people overseas.

How many Americans, if asked, could answer the question, “why have we
been bombing Afghanistan for an entire generation?” The Taliban never attacked
the United States and Osama bin Laden, who temporarily called Afghanistan his
home, is long dead and gone. The longest war in US history has dragged on because…it
has just dragged on.

So why did we stay? As neocons like Max Boot tell it, we are still bombing
and killing Afghans so that Afghan girls can go to school. It’s a pretty
flimsy and cynical explanation. My guess is that if asked, most Afghan girls
would prefer to not have their country bombed.

Indeed, war has made the Beltway bomb factories and think tanks rich. As Brown
University’s Cost of War Project has detailed, the US has wasted $2.26
trillion dollars on a generation of war on Afghanistan. Much of this money has
been spent, according to the US government’s own Special Inspector General
for Afghanistan Reconstruction, on useless “nation-building” exercises
that have built nothing at all. Gold-plated roads to nowhere. Aircraft that
cannot perform their intended functions but that have enriched contractors and

President Biden has announced that the US military would be out of Afghanistan
by the 20th anniversary of the attacks of 9/11. But as always, the devil is
in the details. It appears that US special forces, CIA paramilitaries, and the
private contractors who have taken an increasing role in fighting Washington’s
wars, will remain in-country. Bombing Afghans so that Max Boot and his neocons
can pat themselves on the back.

But the fact is this: Afghanistan was a disaster for the United States. Only
the corrupt benefited from this 20 year highway robbery. Will we learn a lesson
from wasting trillions and killing hundreds of thousands? It is not likely.
But there will be an accounting. The piper will be paid. Printing mountains
of money to pay the corrupt war profiteers will soon leave the working and middle
classes in dire straits. It is up to non-interventionists like us to explain
to them exactly who has robbed them of their future.

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute
for Peace & Prosperity

Author: Ron Paul

Ron Paul is a former Republican congressman from Texas. He was the 1988 Libertarian Party candidate for president.
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