Will Stay Home Today in Delaware and Recover After Recent Events with Very Small Crowds

Joe Biden will phone it in today. The former Vice President will rest at home on Saturday, just two weeks before the election, after speaking engagements before small crowds earlier this week.

Biden has yet to answer any questions on the Hunter Biden email scandal. He told one reporter on Friday night it was a conspiracy.

Earlier today more evidence was produced.
The owner of the Delaware computer shop released an email he received from Hunter Biden’s attorney earlier this month.

BREAKING: Email Sent to Computer Shop Owner John Paul Mac Issac from Hunter Biden’s Attorney Is Released!

TRENDING: Exclusive: Larry C. Johnson Interviews John Paul Mac Issac — The American Patriot Who Was Hired to Fix Hunter Biden’s Computers and the Rest Is History

Joe Biden is counting on the tech giants and liberal fake news media to quash the story.

Good luck with that!

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