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Woman Faints, Convulses on Floor at Covid Vaccine Site – NewsWars

Alarming footage coming out of a Latin American country appears to show a woman suffering a seizure immediately following vaccination.

In the video going viral on social media, a woman speaking Spanish is praising the opportunity to get vaccinated, as a person seated behind her falls out of her chair and begins convulsing on the floor.

“How do you feel right now, teacher?” an interviewer asks.

“Emotional,” a woman responds.

“I feel great joy for this opportunity in life of health…” the woman says before a person behind her is seen falling off her chair onto the floor.

Numerous people, including a soldier, rush to the woman’s aid as her body begins convulsing.

Unfortunately, there are scant details surrounding the location or date of the incident, however, the fact that face masks are being worn and social distancing is in place reveals it’s within the past year.

The serious adverse side effects, including seizures and fainting, have also been observed and documented in other people following vaccination.

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