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‘World Leaders Affect Us All & We’d Vote Kanye Out Already’: Young Indians Analyse Rapper’s Meltdown

New Delhi (Sputnik): During his first presidential campaign rally in South Carolina, rapper Kanye West had another one of his public meltdowns. After Kanye incessantly sobbed and revealed he wanted his famous wife Kim Kardashian to abort their baby North, reports of Kim asking him to quit the race or file for divorce have surfaced online.

This is not the first time Kanye has had a major public meltdown or gone on a rant about his personal life and his own version of “keeping up with the Kardashians”, pun intended. The rapper’s interest in claiming one of the most powerful positions in the world, the President of the United States (POTUS), has divided Tweeples.

Young Indians, among whom Kanye’s songs and his outlandish shoe brand “Yeezy” are a big hit, are concerned about the artist’s mental health. They feel Kanye is not ready to bear the huge responsibilities that come along with being POTUS and if they had the option to choose, they’d vote him right out.

​The rapper previously missed the registration deadlines in a number of US states, including Texas, but qualified for the presidential ballot in Oklahoma by paying a fee. Over 2,500 representatives for the rapper filed signatures for him to appear for the US presidential ballot in the state of Illinois and he managed to be just four minutes before the deadline.

The rapper, who has been diagnosed with a bipolar disorder, overwhelmingly expressed his views on God and abortion during the campaign rally, but failed to note what developments and changes he wishes to bring about in the US if he does win the presidential elections.

In now deleted tweets, the rapper posted about his wife having attempted to bring a doctor to see him. In a fresh post, the Yeezy owner tweeted that he is going to be focusing on music amid reports of Kim pressuring him to drop out of the presidential race or file for divorce.

​Just like his fans from around the world, Indian youngsters are also favouring the notion that Kanye is not ready to be the President of the United States of America. Indian netizens are also joining in the trending hashtag #KanyeNeedsHelp on social networking platforms.


​If no objections to his candidacy are presented to the Board of Elections before 21 August, Kanye is going to appear on the ballot as an independent candidate in his home state of Illinois. His fans from India and around the world are wishing him well and are still rooting for him.


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