WOW! Trump Campaign Manager Says Mark Zuckerberg Understands the Importance of Free Speech

President Trump’s campaign manager Brad Parscale joined FOX and Friends on Friday morning to discuss the Tulsa rally on Saturday, the 2020 campaign and Joe Biden.

During the discussion Parscale was asked about the Tech Giant’s suppression of free speech and conservative voices.

This was ONE DAY AFTER Facebook removed a Trump Campaign ad and Twitter flagged a Trump parody tweet as “manipulated media.”

Instead of voicing concern Parscale praised Mark Zuckerberg for understanding “the importance of free speech.”

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Brad Parscale: I worry about the Palo Alto Mafia as I call them. What they feel like they have a moral obligation because American voters are not smart enough to see how smart they are… There’s been hearings about how Google manipulates results to get you to think the way they want. Twitter censoring videos and content. Facebook manipulating algorithms. These things continue to be a problem. Last night I tweeted there is a new rising platform called Parler… I continue to hope we make a transition away from these people. And I think Twitter is one of the worst of all of them. Unfortunately, it’s a necessary evil… Hopefully, by the end of this election we see a move away from it. Because I think Palo Alto mafia is one of the worst things out there… I think certain people like Mark Zuckerberg has stayed strong and understands the importance of free speech.

Wow. This was the day after Facebook removed a Trump ad.
Obviously, as we have argued previously Brad Parscale is not up for the fight.

Via FOX and Friends:

As we reported previously

On March 7, 2018, Trump 2020 Campaign Manager Brad Parscale warned Facebook to keep the playing field level.

Parscale warned Facebook that “We are watching you.”

Sadly, since that tweet two years ago, the Trump administration and Republicans have done nothing as Facebook continues to eliminate conservative content and publishers.

Facebook has been shutting down traffic to conservative websites since the 2016 election.

Conservatives dominated social media in 2016 when they were able to get the truth out – uncensored. Facebook ended that in 2017 and 2018.

The fact that Facebook is targeting conservative publishers should not be a surprise to Gateway Pundit readers.

We have been reporting on this for several months years now.

This influence map below by Columbia Journalism Review shows the top Facebook influencers during the 2016 election.

And here is that same map showing the conservative publishers who have been targeted by Facebook since 2017.

Facebook has eliminated content from a vast majority of top conservative publishers since 2017.

In February 2019 James O”Keefe and Project Veritas published proof from a whistle-blower that Facebook plotted and planned to remove conservative content from their platform.

Facebook continues to target conservative publishers and conservative news.

In May 2019 President Donald Trump retweeted a article on Facebook censoring conservatives.

But sadly Brad Parscale, the Trump campaign and Republican leaders have done nothing as Facebook and the tech giants continue to crack down on conservative voices.

We are losing our freedom of speech in America – and conservatives are not even putting up a fight.

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