Yemen’s Houthis close Sanaa airport to UN flights – Middle East Monitor

The Houthi will close Sanaa International Airport to relief flights including the United Nations from today.

The group’s foreign ministry said in a letter sent to the United Nations that flights to Sanaa airport will be stopped as of today claiming that the internally recognised Yemeni government and Arab coalition have prevented the entry of oil derivatives needed to operate the airport.

The internationally recognised government condemned the Houthis’ decision and accused the group of continuing to trade in the suffering of Yemenis.

Earlier on Saturday, the economic council of the government accused the Houthis of strengthening fuel trade on the black market, increasing fuel prices in their areas by more than 150 per cent.

The council added in a statement that Yemen’s imports of fuel during the current year will suffice Yemenis until the end of October without crises, adding that any crisis that ensues has been contrived to strengthen the black market by “the Houthi coup militia”.

In its letter to the UN, the group also complained that the World Health Organisation (WHO) has suspended the humanitarian medical bridge project which transported wounded patients abroad for treatment through Sanaa International Airport.

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