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Yes, You Can Be Against 'Police Brutality' & 'Looting And Rioting' At The Same Time

Yes, You Can Be Against ‘Police Brutality’ & ‘Looting And Rioting’ At The Same Time

Authored by Mac Slavo via SHTFplan.com,

It is possible to condemn all violence.  Just because someone says they don’t support the looting and rioting, does not mean they support police brutality. Just because someone says that the police shouldn’t kill people with qualified immunity, doesn’t mean they support looting and rioting.

The mainstream media and those who still are stuck in the left/right paradigm want you to choose a side. Police brutality, or looting. It is possible to side with neither at the same time because they are both wrong.  What a surprise! They need you to choose to stay divided instead of standing up together against all violence and all shows of violence.

“The state and its aggression, and the people the loot innocent businesses are not justified in their actions. It doesn’t even mean their both equal, it just means they’re both wrong and it’s easy to speak about both. It is a false choice, a false dichotomy to suggest otherwise,” says Eric July.

 “Anybody that doesn’t have a brain the size of a coronavirus can actually hold two positions at the same time.”

“People only see what the hell they wanna see,” said July in his recent video.

“If you can’t properly identify what the issue is, right, you look at the symptom…and you have this view of what the symptom is, you diagnose it completely incorrectly. And because you diagnose it completely incorrectly, you can’t actually come to a solution.”

“What’s happening here…is you haven’t been paying attention,” July adds. Police brutality in all forms is wrong.  Violence committed against non-violent people is wrong no matter what kind of uniform you have on. It’s morally reprehensible and should not be tolerated. The same can go for the looters and rioters.  It’s wrong to destroy businesses and harm innocent people who have done nothing wrong.  It’s the same position.

But it gets more sticky for those who have chosen sides – either side.  There’s a solution to the looting and rioting, and we’ve seen it first hand. It wasn’t the police who protected a town in Idaho from violent thugs:

People are willing to stand up and protect each other against those who are committing violence and crimes against other small private businesses. But we aren’t standing together against the militarized police who brutalize people daily, not just when there are looting and rioting. Why do they get a pass? The cognitive dissonance by so many is hardly an excuse anymore. We all know committing acts of violence against non-violent people is wrong. It’s wrong when police do it. It’s wrong when the militaries of the globe do it, and it’s wrong when looters do it.

Just hold a moral position. That’s it. If you start to allow some a pass on violence because of badges, don’t be surprised when it’s you or your guns they come for next, because that’s the next step in all of this. Martial law to bring in a New World Order and your total enslavement.

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Additionally, Brandon Smith, Founder of Alt-Market.com, noted that many conservatives and even police supported the initial protests after the death of George Floyd.  The problems started to occur when those protests were hijacked by communistic social justice groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter, and they turned the narrative into one of “systemic racism” and “white supremacy” instead of abuse of power against all people.  My next article will examine this issue in detail, but it is important to understand that as long as the protests are being controlled by establishment gatekeepers using it for their own ends, conservatives are unlikely to support them.  The best option is for liberty minded people to defend their own communities against ALL trespasses, whether it be violent leftist looters, or even a totalitarian government.  A simple and quiet display of force can go a long way in keeping the peace…

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