Your Dog Has Coronavirus Pandemic Anxiety, Too

Your Dog Has Coronavirus Pandemic Anxiety, Too

Feeling isolated, anxious, or depressed since the pandemic hit? Struggling to cope with uncertainty? Homebound with your entire family and going berserk from too much chaos and no privacy?

If you’ve felt any of these things in the past six months, experts say you might be a dog. Indeed, dogs are feeling the emotional impacts of coronavirus just like their owners are, and it may be changing the way they act.

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For example, research published in The Journal of Pediatrics in June found that more children were visiting the ER as a result of dog bites since stay-at-home orders went into effect in March. The data out of Children’s Hospital Colorado showed that the rate of hospitalizations for dog bites shot upward when lockdowns went into effect and remained abnormally high even as these orders began to relax over time.

Cinnamon Dixon, associate professor of pediatrics at University of Colorado and an attending pediatrician at Children’s Hospital Colorado, said that while the researchers didn’t have national data from this period, she doubted the findings would prove unique to Colorado. According to 2019 data shared by the United States Postal Service during their annual “Dog Bite Awareness Week” in June, the state doesn’t usually rank among even the top ten “dog bite states.”

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